Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education


Keep clipping those Box Tops during the summer!  We are going to give every class a chance to earn rewards. Starting in September each classroom will receive a container to deposit their Box Tops in. I will periodically collect these containers and keep track of each classroom's totals.  Please use the Box Tops Collection Sheet to adhere your Box Tops to.

To see a complete listing of products go to:

You can also help Presidents Elementary PTA earn money throughout the year with items you purchase and/or stores that you may shop. Listed below are the programs that can help our PTA reach our goal, technology for the classrooms. Look at the list below and if any of these programs interest you, please refer to the attached pages for more information.

*Safeway Food Stores through escrip: By registering your Safeway card number through escrip they track your purchases and credit our school.

Box Tops should be submitted into the classroom containers for best tracking purposes.