Behavior Expectations
Having a safe and supportive environment is very important to learning, as is having good relationships within the classroom.  As your child's teacher I will support them in a respectful and caring manner as they come up with solutions to problems that arise.  I have three standards I expect students to follow in our classroom:
1. Solve Problems
2. Make Good Decisions
3. Show Respect

I will have a chart in my room for tracking student behaviors.  All students start the day on "Ready to Learn" but have the possibility to move up or down depending on the choices they make.  If students are not following one of the three standards this is the process that will be followed:
1.  Students move to "Make Better Choices" on the chart will be given an "oops slip" to remind them to make a better choice.
2.  If the behavior continues students will move to "Teacher Choice" where they will complete a Think Sheet.  The teacher choices may include writing an apology letter, going to the office, missing recess, being sent to Think Time in another classroom, or a combination of these choices. 
3.  If the behavior still continues the student will move to "Parent Contact" and the student will call home to parents.  They will also bring home the "OOPS Slip" to be signed and returned to school. 

We will also be working the first week on a class pledge centered on growth minded behaviors.  I will post our pledge once it is completed so stay tuned!