Listening Piece of the Week

Listening Piece of the Week

Students will begin each class by listening and watching a short music video from YouTube. Discussion will focus on the elements of music - tempo (speed), dynamics (how loud or quiet), timbre (instruments families and individual instruments), form (patterns), melody (pitch direction, does it have steps or skips), articulation(how the notes are played, e.g. short and detached vs.smooth and flowing). The purpose of this is to become informed consumers of music. Some people go on to perform music, but all of us listen to music as an every day part of our lives. 

#25 Forte Piano Song: Loud and Soft

#24 Presto Largo Song: Fast and Slow

#23 Peter and the Wolf: Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

#22 Beethoven's 5th Symphony: Rock and Roll version

#21 High Low Song (Kindergarten and 1st grade)

#20 Beethoven's 5th Symphony: Orchestra

#19 Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (5th Grade)

#18 William Tell Overture: Brass and Percussion

#17 William Tell Overture (The Lone Ranger): Clarinet Quintet

#16 Billie Jean: Oboe accompanied by bassoon, string bass and guitar

#15 Poker Face: Woodwind Quintet

#14 Stand By Me: Strings

#13 Stand By Me: Brass/Jazz Ensemble

#12 Stand By Me: Vocal and chamber orchestra, Ben E. King

#11 "Stand By Me": Percussion - Orff Instruments

#10 "Blue Christmas": Vocal, Elvis Presley

#9 Sleigh Ride: Chamber Orchestra

#8 God Bless the USA: Vocal, Lee Greenwood

#7 The Banshee: Prepared Piano

#6 Star Spangled Banner: Percussion Ensemble

#5 Star Spangled Banner: Vocal, Whitney Houston

#4 Star Spangled Banner: Sax Quintet

#3 Star Spangled Banner: Trombone Ensemble

#2 Samba Batucada: Percussion, University of Wisconsin

#1  Animusic: Strings